Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gift ideas for the multisporter

If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, there's a little bit of work involved if you want to cross the finish line. Maybe you can put some of these gift ideas on your wish list this holiday season. 

For those cold winter rides, your cyclist will probably appreciate a warm pair of gloves. Louis Garneau’s Shield gloves will keep their fingers toasty because they are waterproof, insulated, and fitted with a neoprene cuff to keep cold air out.

Help protect your loved one’s noggin while giving them an edge on their competition by giving them Rudy Project’s newest time trial helmet, the Wing57. Features include a removable visor, a dorsal ridge to help with head and side winds, a new ventilation system that helps air flow and reduces drag, and an array of colors.
Super Sweet, huh? 

A shell offers protection from the elements, but is lightweight and rolls up to easily fit in a jersey pocket when the temperatures start to rise. Mizuno’s Imperalite Performance Shell comes in reflective green, perfect for those dimly light early morning rides.

Does your runner or triathlete go from the trails to car pool to the grocery store? Give her something she can wear all morning long. Oiselle’s Stripey Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top comes in several colors and can be worn while you’re running, literally or figuratively.

For the triathlete hoping to make improvements in 2014, consider giving them an account on Training Peaks. Especially good for those data-junkies, Training Peaks is an online tool that allows you to monitor, analyze, and plan your nutrition and training. You can use it to track your own workouts or sign up for training programs through one of the Training Peaks Personal Coaches.

If they prefer to keep an old school, handwritten training log, check out Believe I Am by professional runners Lauren Fleshman and Ro McGettigan. It is chock full of goal setting exercises and inspirational messages, and has plenty of room for writing about key workouts and races. 

For most triathletes, the greatest source of stress on race day is the swim. Those looking to gain confidence on the swim and lower their times may want to utilize a snorkel, like the Freestyle Snorkel by Finis, in some of their workouts. The snorkel allows the swimmer to concentrate on their technique, as they are not distracted by having to breathe. It can also help develop their lungs, as they have to breathe through a small tube, which is a challenge on hard sets.
I love my snorkel!

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas? Gift cards to local bike and run shops are always appreciated, as are those for massages and yoga classes. I don’t know a triathlete who doesn’t like to eat, so maybe a copy of Feed Zone Cookbook, full of healthy and quick recipes, might be a nice surprise. There are also few triathletes out there who don’t use an MP3 device for some of their training. Maybe they’d like a new set of earbuds?

Hopefully these suggestions will help you whittle down your shopping list. Let me know if you have any other ideas for the multisporter in your life. 

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