Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Multisporter

Buying a gift for that special swim, bike, runner in your life but don’t know the difference between goggles and Google? Perhaps these ideas will help.

On the lower end of the price continuum, consider a pair of cycling or running gloves, arm warmers, or a good pair of running socks. Gloves that let you use your touch screen device are nice, while socks that prevent blisters are a requirement for any runner. Local bike and run shops should be able to advise you best on what to get. Still not sure what to get? A gift card to one of these shops will surely be appreciated.
these look really nice
Another useful gift that won’t break the bank is a foam roller. There are all kinds of different models out; some that are smooth, others that are textured to reach trigger points better. A simple Internet search will get you to the type you want.
these are by Trigger Point. You
can get a variety at Perform Better

One of my pet peeves about winter running is wearing a shirt that makes me cold at the end of my run because it got wet from sweat. Help your favorite runner upgrade their winter running wardrobe from cotton tees to something a little more user friendly. The Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve shirt by Lululemon is a fashionable option that will keep your runner dry during her winter runs. It comes in an array of colors and has the much-loved thumbholes to keep wrists warm and sleeves in place. For the guys, Lululemon offers the Blaze Long Sleeve, a super soft, pre-shrunk shirt guaranteed not to chafe or stink.
for the ladies. lots of colors available

for the men. there are more colors than gray!
Are you tired of hearing your triathlete complaining about how slow they are or how they can never beat so and so? Help them out by giving them a few months of quality coaching, provided by one of Tallahassee’s local coaching groups. Training for triathlon is akin to throwing darts at a board; you can randomly throw them and hope you make a bull’s eye or you can narrow your focus, hone your skills, and nail the bull’s eye. A coach can take the guesswork out of daily training and make you feel really guilty for skipping an early morning run. Chances are, your multisporter already spends way too much time and money on their hobby. Help them see a more positive return on these investments by getting a professional involved.

A proper bike trainer is an essential piece of any triathlete’s training gear. There are many different versions on the market, most of which won’t break the bank. The latest and greatest, however, is not for those on a limited budget. The Wahoo Kicker bike trainer connects directly to your bike by swapping out your rear wheel and placing it in the provided cassette. It is Bluetooth and Ant+ enabled and has a built in power meter. It works with Apple devices, as well as sites like Trainerroad and Strava. It retails for about $1000.

After swimming, biking, and running, your triathlete may be tuckered out by the end of the day.  To help pass the down time, they may like flipping through multiple Ironman Champion Craig Alexander’s book "As the Crow Flies: My Journey to Ironman World Champion." The book features breathtaking black and white photography and captures Alexander training hard, as well as spending time with his family.  Readers will get more than a glimpse into what it takes to balance family with being a world champion Ironman.

What would I want tri Santa to bring to me? A year of healthy, consistent training would be nice, along with some good memories to go along with the training and racing.  



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